Lincoln County Emergency Management accepts volunteers to work prior, during, and post emergencies. We also accept volunteers that are interested in working on daily projects. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form and email it to or mail it to 250 W College St., Troy MO 63379.

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2 weeks ago

Lincoln County Emergency Management


Turn around - don't drown . . .

Forecasts for the Mississippi River (Winfield, Lock & Dam 25) and the Cuivre River (Old Monroe) are as follows.

The Mississippi River is forecasted to reach 30.0 feet - moderate flood stage - early tomorrow morning; it is expected to remain above 30.0 feet through Monday, October 22nd, which is the end of the current forecast period. A crest of 33.5 feet is expected at or around 7:00 PM Sunday, 10/14/2018, with a level of 33.4 feet being reached Sunday morning and lasting until early Monday afternoon, 10/15/2018.

The Cuivre River at Old Monroe is forecasted to reach 24.0 feet - minor flood stage - at around 7:00 AM this morning. A crest of 28.7 feet is expected around 7:00 AM Sunday morning, 10/14/2018, with that level being maintained through early Monday morning, 10/15/2018.
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We are aware of reports of people receiving phone calls in which callers are impersonating organizations that provide voter registration assistance. In these instances (which to our knowledge have not occurred in Lincoln County), the callers have asked the recipients if they would like to register to vote or request an absentee ballot over the phone - followed by requests for personal information. There are several potential issues with this . . .

First, one cannot register to vote over the telephone. If you believe you have done so, there is every possibility that your name will not appear on the voter rolls on election day. Depending on the number of people victimized by the scam, actual voter turnout may be diminished.

Second, the information a victim might give to a scammer may be used to fraudulently register someone else to vote.

Lastly, a victim's personal information may be used by the scammer(s) for money-motivated identity theft.

We urge people to never divulge personal information over the telephone - no matter who you believe to be on the other end of the line.
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